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Engi Site [20 Sep 2007|01:45pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey all!

I'm going to start working on updating the website yet again for both Engi and Kageshien. I need to know who wants to remain on the Engi portion, because if you don't want to put forth the effort to let me know what's up, I'm taking you off the site.

Kageshien stuff will be updated once the main portion of the site's done and I'll ask for info there later.

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Changes to Come [15 Jun 2006|02:39am]

[ mood | blah ]

Auria - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries
Baby Vash - REMOVE
Duo - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries
Galadriel - REMOVE
Kaede - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries
Lina - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries
Mint - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries
Oleander - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries
Rei - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries
Wuntavor - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries
Yunie - MASSIVE update to costumes and galleries

Awards Page - REMOVE
Conventions Page - Make into List only

Kageshien - UPDATE shows and members, both with files, pages, schedule, etc.

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[20 Mar 2005|07:52pm]

Dudettes, er..rather, dudettes in Mewlin Rouge, I just wanted to say that I got kick ass nail polish matching our colors. If you want to pay me back (like...2 bucks, as that's all it was) that's cool, if not, that's cool too.

Just thought I'd share the coolness!
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Alright for everyones presents [18 Dec 2004|09:41pm]

I need pictures of you and pictures or names (preferably pictures) of 3 anime characters or video game characters you like.
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AO [22 Oct 2004|02:00am]

I was wondering if those whos emails I had got the song I wanted to use for AO. I would really like to use Go!!! from naruto in our show.
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Note to All [02 Oct 2004|12:16am]

Guys, please don't keep inviting people to join us at AO. We have only 2 hotel rooms, and we won't have room for a ton of people. So, yes, as much as I heart everyone that's been invited, no more. x.x We have very little space as is.

Cross-posted to kageshien
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ATTENTION. [04 Jul 2004|07:28am]

[ mood | cranky ]

I'd like to see everyone doing the show/wanting to do the show to get together around the end of July/beginning of August and throw around song ideas.


Parts for a certain end of show song will need to be decided on, so choreography for it can truly get started as well. A newsletter will go out in about a week with the same info! Around that time, I will once again be checking with Jeremy about AO, as he's busy and I don't wish to be a pest. x.x

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Hey girls! [27 Apr 2004|01:55pm]


I've been talking to Becca V. about the NDK costume contest. She and John really need people to help out during the costume contest, like, usher the way YNS did. I know a lot of us are gonna be competing, but if there's anyone who's interested in helping out, let me know or IM Becca at ChibiBeccachan.
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Peace Please [06 Apr 2004|01:00pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

As a member of the group. And as a friend. I would like to offer myself as someone to rant to about problems. You all seem rather stressed I would like to do what ever I can to help releive it.

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Hello! [05 Apr 2004|01:18pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Neko~Kaolla here, and I stumbled on this community by accident. I am the East-Coaster (that sounds funny...oh, well) that made the cosplay CGs for Yunie. So, eh, I figured I would join.

My cosplay stuff:
Website: Neko~Kaolla:The Cosplaying Cat Girl
Cosplay Lab Account: wOOt for Labage!
Cosplay.com Account: Profile, Photo Album

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Latest Newsletter [18 Jan 2004|06:29pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

If I left anything important out of the newsletter, let me know! If you have anything you want to bring up the next meeting or for the next newsletter, again, let me know!

I'm trying to be organized, really I am. ;.;

Love, love, love?

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ATTENTION! [30 Dec 2003|04:54pm]

[ mood | busy ]


- Rei
- Yunie-chan
- Oleander


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FF9!!!!!!! [06 Nov 2003|01:25am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Ok well just wanted to know what costumes those of you who are going to do the ff9 group are making. In other words if your gonna be part of this reply and say what costumes your doing. Im doing Sir Fratley.

Thank You

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[05 Nov 2003|08:44pm]

Alright, this is to alll the Engi girls. I need a lot of stuff back..and yea, it's probably my fault for not getting it back when I could, but it's a bit erf like when nobody seems to know where anything went. So I'm making a little list..and I would LOVE to get this stuff back, or tips on who has it. Some of it I know people have, but other things, yea. So it goes as this:

-My school girl socks. Story I got was they were in Koi's car, but then stuff was just randomly taken and put in Mandi's car, Mandi doesn't have them, so I assume Liz has them. But she doesn't. I would like you guys to er..well, find them. One thing I reallly want back.

-School girl skirt, I'm fairly sure that's with Koi? I think so.

-Morning Musume outfit, I really don't mind too much about this, but um..perhaps a heads up to where it went, and if it's with Auria. If so, then maybe my socks are with it as well?

-Hair extention and a Victoria Secret jacket, coat thing. These are at Auria's house, and I'll get those back when I can.

-White dress shirt. Robbie has this, I know, I can get that back as well.

Other then that, I don't have anything else, but I would really like most of this back, mainly the school girl socks..because..I have no clue where they are, and that slightly frustrates me. Maybe I'm just not in a wonderful mood either. But eh..these things sometimes bother me too. But yea, that's it, thanks.
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NDK :( [20 Sep 2003|06:00pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Hope everyone has fun at NDK, I wanna hear all about it, me never gets to go... GRRRR me, anyway :) hope everyone who did get to go has LOTS of fun, hope to get to see some uber pics of everyone in thier wonderfull costumes, and just having a great time in general :)

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Moon on Head [18 Sep 2003|09:06pm]


Hey! NDK=tomorrow!

I know this is late, but I was wondering if any of you had a better way to affix a tiny moon onto my forehead for my Human Luna costume. I'm kind of using clear nail polish at the moment, and feeling too poor to go and buy anything specifically for attaching moons to heads (if there is such a thing ^^;;).

So if you have anything more permanent, yet still not too painful and red-marked after removal at your house, I'd heart you if you would bring it. -But I heart my little cospies anyway. =)

See you tomorrow! I have classes (and tests) until 4:00pm up here in Ft. Collins, so I'll be taking a while to get to the hotel. If I don't find you after I get there I'll try to call - but otherwise, I'll be sleeping in my car, sad and alone, and you may have to send out a search party.

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[29 Aug 2003|02:35am]

Hola everybody! I know the newsletter was sent out, but I felt I should repeat, clear up a few things in here before this weekend.

I absolutely positively need to know who is coming this weekend, if people are spending the night, and stuff like that. But mostly how people are going to get here, how people are going to carpool and the like. Hence I can go about giving directions for everybody to get here.

Also, meeting time is Sunday around 11-12 in the morn. Rehearsals shall commence, but cause of the crunch, a bit of individual costume work I think would do the body good, I definitely need to use some of that day to work some on it. I have a sewing machine here, but if you bring yer costume, or whatever, remember thread..and stuff.

But yes, that's the basics, any questions or..other things, e-mail at Taintedgiory@aol.com, or call me at 720-935-6223. So talk to you all soon me hopes!
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49 pictures in all from Bishop's Castle, these are the best (in my mind) out of probably 100 [18 Aug 2003|09:35pm]

Lina/Utena and Koi/Anthy:
Sepia Pic, my FAV.
Utena window.
Anthy Window, also one of my favorites.
Dancing in the Grand ball room, awesome angle, I love it!
This is just Utena like, I love the light in it.
Chaste kiss
Anthy looking very regal. :D
Classic Utena pose.
Another Utena window pose, did a few of these.
Darker window pose!
Window pose, but from another angle.
Let's dance!
Behind the glass.
Pinning the rose on.
Dios sword pose.
Another Dios sword pose.
Utena looking out on the forest.
My fair lady.

Suave Camui.
Bloody wound Camui
Tonns more, but it would just take up sooo much room.Collapse )
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Politics. [11 Aug 2003|08:58pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

I've heard that people are beginning to talk smack about Engi no Shouzoku and Kageshien.

First of all, that is extremely immature. Please, if you have a problem with us, come to US and don't go talking to other people. We really would rather work things out than have the entire anime community against us for things that we don't do. Girls, ignore things like this, rather than getting angry about it. If people don't have better things to do than start fights, then they should go elsewhere. We really don't want to become hated, do we? The best we can do is just not give them the privelage of a response. And thank you to those of you who are defending us, we appreciate it, but it could cause more problems for you than it's worth.

Seriously. If someone out there has a problem with us, talk to us and not your friends. It's a better way to resolve things, and perhaps we can work something out, rather than getting people who have NO PLACE in this into it. Besides, it's extremely hypocritical to go to other people behind our backs than to talk to us.

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Newsletter [10 Aug 2003|11:49pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Part One: MileHiCon

For the performance at MileHiCon, I know that these people will be participating:

1. Yunie-chan
2. Auria
3. Camui
4. Mint
5. Lina
6. Oleander
7. Galadriel
8. Kaede
9. Wuntavor

The meeting for Kageshien went smashingly! Rehearsals will be every Saturday, the next being when we head up to Bishop's Castle. By then, everyone will hopefully have a copy of the program CD along with needed lyrics, and yes, I'll gather that which is needed. Friday night of the con is when we hope to have the performance.

For the silver outfits, everyone needs to contribute $20, if you wish to do more, go for it, but it all needs to get to Auria ASAP!

Part Two: Bishop's Castle

I know the following people are attending:

1. Yunie-chan
2. Mint - Pending
3. Lina
4. Auria - Pending
6. Wuntavor
7. Oleander
8. Kaede - Pending

Out of those people, information for this is as follows:

We will have to meet at either Lina or Mint's house. We will leave this side of town no later than 2 p.m., otherwise, you're on your own. We will have two rooms and be staying in Westcliffe, CO, at the Courtyard Inn, which I've come to discover doesn't allow children. Ooooook, so.. yeah. Everyone on the list needs to let me know if they'll be going or not by this WEDNESDAY. That is all.


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