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Part One: MileHiCon

For the performance at MileHiCon, I know that these people will be participating:

1. Yunie-chan
2. Auria
3. Camui
4. Mint
5. Lina
6. Oleander
7. Galadriel
8. Kaede
9. Wuntavor

The meeting for Kageshien went smashingly! Rehearsals will be every Saturday, the next being when we head up to Bishop's Castle. By then, everyone will hopefully have a copy of the program CD along with needed lyrics, and yes, I'll gather that which is needed. Friday night of the con is when we hope to have the performance.

For the silver outfits, everyone needs to contribute $20, if you wish to do more, go for it, but it all needs to get to Auria ASAP!

Part Two: Bishop's Castle

I know the following people are attending:

1. Yunie-chan
2. Mint - Pending
3. Lina
4. Auria - Pending
6. Wuntavor
7. Oleander
8. Kaede - Pending

Out of those people, information for this is as follows:

We will have to meet at either Lina or Mint's house. We will leave this side of town no later than 2 p.m., otherwise, you're on your own. We will have two rooms and be staying in Westcliffe, CO, at the Courtyard Inn, which I've come to discover doesn't allow children. Ooooook, so.. yeah. Everyone on the list needs to let me know if they'll be going or not by this WEDNESDAY. That is all.

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