Samwise (toshimasa) wrote in engis_group,

Alright, this is to alll the Engi girls. I need a lot of stuff back..and yea, it's probably my fault for not getting it back when I could, but it's a bit erf like when nobody seems to know where anything went. So I'm making a little list..and I would LOVE to get this stuff back, or tips on who has it. Some of it I know people have, but other things, yea. So it goes as this:

-My school girl socks. Story I got was they were in Koi's car, but then stuff was just randomly taken and put in Mandi's car, Mandi doesn't have them, so I assume Liz has them. But she doesn't. I would like you guys to er..well, find them. One thing I reallly want back.

-School girl skirt, I'm fairly sure that's with Koi? I think so.

-Morning Musume outfit, I really don't mind too much about this, but um..perhaps a heads up to where it went, and if it's with Auria. If so, then maybe my socks are with it as well?

-Hair extention and a Victoria Secret jacket, coat thing. These are at Auria's house, and I'll get those back when I can.

-White dress shirt. Robbie has this, I know, I can get that back as well.

Other then that, I don't have anything else, but I would really like most of this back, mainly the school girl socks..because..I have no clue where they are, and that slightly frustrates me. Maybe I'm just not in a wonderful mood either. But eh..these things sometimes bother me too. But yea, that's it, thanks.
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