Samwise (toshimasa) wrote in engis_group,

49 pictures in all from Bishop's Castle, these are the best (in my mind) out of probably 100

Lina/Utena and Koi/Anthy:
Sepia Pic, my FAV.
Utena window.
Anthy Window, also one of my favorites.
Dancing in the Grand ball room, awesome angle, I love it!
This is just Utena like, I love the light in it.
Chaste kiss
Anthy looking very regal. :D
Classic Utena pose.
Another Utena window pose, did a few of these.
Darker window pose!
Window pose, but from another angle.
Let's dance!
Behind the glass.
Pinning the rose on.
Dios sword pose.
Another Dios sword pose.
Utena looking out on the forest.
My fair lady.

Suave Camui.
Bloody wound Camui

Bedroom eyes Camui.
Trapped! I love this one.
Sad Camui.
Sexah Camui!
Laying on the stairs.
Hood and all.

Lina Ren Gal:
Forest is your home.
Lass in the grass.
Up in the steel globe! Very wobbly, but fun!.
Another globe picture.
Drinking from the Goblet.
One of my fav pics in the front of the castle.

Wannabe J-rocker me/Kaede!:
This is my FAVORITE picture out of all of the ones I got taken of me, thanks Oleander!.
In the dark.
Innocent like, but..not much, Yay for purple wigs! That thing was hot though..
I just love the highlights on this picture.
So purple! *-*
The wall is my friend..
According to kozibot I look a bit like Run Lola Run. XD
Holding on for dear life!

Very much so hanging on for dear life!!
Damn that wobbling steel globe!

Misc cosplay pictures!:
Dark Alice in the huge chair.
Alice in the huge chair! Seems fitting, no?
Imposing Sephiroth.
Group picture!
Model of Bishop's Castle.
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