D (sacredneko) wrote in engis_group,

Moon on Head


Hey! NDK=tomorrow!

I know this is late, but I was wondering if any of you had a better way to affix a tiny moon onto my forehead for my Human Luna costume. I'm kind of using clear nail polish at the moment, and feeling too poor to go and buy anything specifically for attaching moons to heads (if there is such a thing ^^;;).

So if you have anything more permanent, yet still not too painful and red-marked after removal at your house, I'd heart you if you would bring it. -But I heart my little cospies anyway. =)

See you tomorrow! I have classes (and tests) until 4:00pm up here in Ft. Collins, so I'll be taking a while to get to the hotel. If I don't find you after I get there I'll try to call - but otherwise, I'll be sleeping in my car, sad and alone, and you may have to send out a search party.

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I'll bring my spirit gum and remover for ya, and just give me a call when you get to the hotel on my cellphone! : P
Hehe, okay. Thanks, chica. ^^;;