Duo Leonheart (terrybootrchase) wrote in engis_group,
Duo Leonheart

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Ok well just wanted to know what costumes those of you who are going to do the ff9 group are making. In other words if your gonna be part of this reply and say what costumes your doing. Im doing Sir Fratley.

Thank You
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I'll be Kuja-like! X D ::shall be hitting on anything moving.. very fruity-like::
Even rat boy?
Of course! X D
I'm being one of the Black Waltz peoples. ^^

::Chucks pokeball at pikachu::
and you know I'm going as Beatrix! The only woman who can make any man give a salute in his shorts with only a toss of her hair. X D
Well then I guess its good that IM gonna be a demi human. Cause then I can resist her charms.